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3M Half Marathon 2010
Races and Events

  • 05/04/14: Ave. of Giants Half (CA)
  • 07/13/14: Missoula Half (MT)
  • 10/19/14: Mt Desert Island Full (ME)
Did You Know?

  • Each extra pound of body weight is equal to 25 pounds of pressure on the knee when running and 4 pounds of pressure on the knee when walking. -- Source: Arthritis and Rheumatism
  • Asphalt (used in many roadbases) is thought to be 40% to 60% softer than concrete (used in most sidewalks) as a running surface. However, the softer surface benefits may be negated by the camber of the road...More

I'm not a fast runner, but I love to run on both roads and trails! My race times span a fairly wide range (03:56 to 04:51 for marathons and 01:47 to 02:30 for half marathons). I'm heat intolerant, so if a race is hot, I will run very slow. If I have a running injury, I sometimes run a race anyway (not recommended) and treat it as a fun run rather than a race.

Date/TypeRaceDistancePaceTotal Time Comments / Weather
XTERRA Oak Mountain Trail Race
(Pelham, AL)
20K Too Slow Too Slow Wow! I finished, but it wasn't pretty.Tripped on some rocks/roots and banged up my knee. Had to try to run/walk the last 3 miles - knee wouldn't bend and kept bleeding. That makes me a bonafide trail runner now! :)
Ave. of the Giants Half Marathon
(Weott, CA)
13.1 mi 9:50/mi 02:11:25 Beautiful course through Humboldt Redwoods State Park - cool weather at start. Light/moderate rain.
Little Rock Half Marathon
(Little Rock, AR)
13.1 mi 9:54/mi 02:09:44 Rainy & winter ice storm moved in...I loved the cold!!!! I can run in the cold!!!!
RNR New Orleans Half Marathon
(New Orleans, LA)
13.1 mi 11:05/mi 02:25:14 Very warm and humid with misting rain.
Mississippi Blues Half Marathon
(Jackson, MS)
13.1 mi 10:47/mi 02:21:19 Warm and humid!
Columbia Gorge Half Marathon
(Hood River, OR)
13.1 mi 10:00/mi 02:11:10 Absolutely beautiful area! Cool weather - light rain on and off. Tried gels - had stomach upset last 4 miles.
4 Bridges Half Marathon
(Chattanooga, TN)
13.1 mi 9:50/mi 02:07:52 Nice cool weather. Ran in Vibrams - surface surprises - metal grated bridge, wooden bridge, grass.
Medicine Bow Half Marathon
(Laramie, WY)
13.1 mi 11:30/mi 02:30:38 Hamstring tendonosis - decided to run it anyway. Altitude: 8000 ft. Hills: Elevation Gain: 1482 ft. Just had fun - took pics during race.
Sedona Half Marathon
(Sedona, AZ)
13.1 mi 9:36/mi 02:06:41 Beautiful Course! Hills and Altitude - temps warmed up at end.
The Duel Half Marathon
(Wichita Falls, TX)
13.1 mi 9:14/mi 02:01:02 Cold (perfect running weather), sunny, flat course
04/27/12 - 04/30/12
Active at Altitude Trail Camp
(Estes Park, CO)
Varied N/A N/A Wonderfully cool temps and trail runs with the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop!
St. George Marathon
(St. George, UT)
26.2 mi 11:05/mi 4:51:27
  • Hot temperatures - warmed up into the 80's with no shade.
Estes Park Half Marathon
(Estes Park, CO)
13.1 mi 9:42/mi 02:07:58
  • Cold (perfect running weather), sunny, altitude (7420-8000 ft), hilly
Shiprock Half Marathon
(Shiprock, NM)
13.1 mi 9:49/mi 02:10:28
  • 49°F-65°F, 32%-18% humidity, Wind: E 6-7 mph, Sunny, altitude (5000-5600 ft above sea level)
Eisenhower Marathon
(Abilene, KS)
26.2 mi 11:03/mi 04:49:48
  • Hot Condtions. 65°F-81°F, 84%-62% humidity, Wind: S 16-22 mph, Gusts to 29 mph, clear, hot, sunny, windy
Fort Worth Turkey Trot 10K
(Fort Worth, TX)
6.2 mi
(Garmin 6.3 mi)
(Garmin 8:30/mi)
  • 44°F-42°F, 100%-73% humidity, Wind: NNW 21-23 mph, Gusts to 28, occasional mist/light rain, overcast
Komen Dallas 5K
(Dallas, TX)
3.12 mi 8:39/mi 00:27:00
  • 54°F-58°F, 75%-62% humidity, Wind: 0 mph, Sunny
Boston Marathon 2010
(Boston, MA)
26.2 mi 10:19/mi 04:30:27 51°F-56°F, 47%-45% humidity, Sunny to Partly Cloudy to Cloudy
Wind: NNW 10-17 MPH, Gusts to 21 MPH
2010 3M Half Marathon
(Austin, TX)
13.1 mi 8:17/mi 01:48:34 53°F-57°F, 34%-30% humidity, Clear/Sunny
Wind: WNW 10-14 MPH, gusts to 28 mph
Fort Worth Turkey Trot 10K
(Fort Worth, TX)
10K 8:32/mi 00:53:01 47°F-51°F, 66%-41% humidity, Clear/Sunny
Wind: W 3 MPH
Denton Kiwanis Turkey Roll
(Denton, TX)
61.8 mi 16.4 mph 03:45:52 55°F-61°F, 88%-63% humidity, partly cloudy, Wind ESE 5-6 mph
Crazy Kicker Bike Rally
(Mineral Wells, TX)
66.5 mi 16.2 mph 04:06:23 50°F-69°F, 97%-49% humidity, sunny,
Wind N 0-10 mph
Paluxy Pedal Bike Rally
(Glen Rose, TX)
58.0 mi 15.4 mph 03:45:49 58°F-71°F,64%-59% humidity, partly cloudy to light rain last hour, Wind ESE 5-11 mph
Enchanted Circle Bike Rally
(Red River, NM)
84.2 mi 13.9 mph 06:04:13 40°F-55°F, low humidity, sunny to storms to hail
Goatneck Bike Rally
(Cleburne, Glen Rose, TX)
70.0 mi 13.3 mph 05:17:36 75°F-101°F, 83%-25% humidity,SSW 6-15 mph
Peach Pedal Bike Rally
(Weatherford, TX)
61.6 mi 14.0 mph 04:24:19 80°F-100°F, 65%-30% humidity, sunny/hot, winds S 7-11 mph
(trail race)
Grasslands Trail Run
(Decatur, TX)
13.1 mi 10:37/mi 02:19:15 56°F-65°F, 77%-63% humidity, sunny, winds SE 7-9 mph
3M Half Marathon
(Austin, TX)
13.1 mi8:12/mi01:47:22 38°F-40°F, 73%-70% humidity, Overcast
Wind N 0-3MPH
Don Zetnick Arlington Winter Run
(Arlington, TX)
10K 8:10/mi 00:50:45 38°F-47°F, 55%-37% humidity, Sunny
Wind SSW 5 MPH
Mote in Motion Half Marathon
(Fort Worth, TX)
13.1 mi 8:40/mi 01:53:42 55°F-60°F, 77%-72% humidity, Overcast
Wind SSE 7-10 MPH
DRC Half Marathon 2008
(Dallas, TX)
13.1 mi 8:34/mi 01:52:11 62°F-72°F, 80%-57% humidity,Sunny
Wind SSE 6-7 MPH
Steamtown Marathon (Boston Qualifier)
(Scranton, PA)
26.2 mi 9:03/mi 03:56:16 44°F-65°F, 89%-56% humidity, Sunny
Wind None
10/01/08 -
Running America
51.2 mi N/A N/A Mostly Cool (Colorado in October)
DRC Independence Day 5K
(Dallas, TX)
5K 8:00/mi 00:25:16 77°F-79°F, 71%-66% humidity, Sunny
Wind SSW6-9 MPH
DRC Bloomin' 4 Mile
(Dallas, TX)
4 mi +
(3.2 before)
9:04/mi 00:36:16 79°F-81°F, 77%-74% humidity, Partly Sunny
Wind SSE 15-17 MPH
White Rock N Roll 5 Mile
(Dallas, TX)
5.0 mi 9:04/mi 00:45:20 55°F, 47%-45% humidity, Sunny
Wind NNW 16 MPH
OKC Memorial Marathon
(Oklahoma City, OK)
26.2 mi 10:28/mi 04:33:50 48°F-61°F, 95%-60% humidity, Rain to Partly Cloudy, Wind N 20-30 MPH
Tal Morrison 15K
(Dallas, TX)
15K +
6.2 mi before
9:18/mi 02:24:52 61°F,Humid, Drizzle, Overcast
Wind ?
Cowtown Half Marathon 2008
(Fort Worth, TX)
13.1 mi 9:12/mi 02:00:32 41°F, Clear
Wind ?
DRC Half Marathon 2007
(Dallas, TX)
13.1 mi 10:36/mi 02:18:57 64°F-70°F, 78%-63% humidity, Sunny
Monumental Challenge Half Marathon
(Black Hills, SD)
13.1 mi 10:17/mi 02:14:44 40°F, drizzle/rain, humid, Overcast
Wind ?
Too Hot to Handle 2007
(Dallas, TX)
15K 10:58/mi 01:42:18 80°F, 84% humidity, Sunny
(heat illness)
Heels and Hills Half Marathon
(Irving, TX)
13.1 mi 10:05/mi 02:10:53 73°F, 84% humidity, Overcast
New Las Vegas Marathon
(Las Vegas, NV)
26.2 mi 10:33/mi 04:35:12 43°F, low humidity,Sunny
Fergus Snoddy Half Marathon
(Jonesboro, AR)
13.1 mi 9:58/mi 02:10:29 44°F-50°F, Overcast
Wind ?
Durango Marathon (1st marathon) 26.2 mi 11:03/mi 04:49:29 40°F-60°F, Overcast
Wind ?
Labor Day 15K
(Dallas, TX)
15K 10:22/mi 01:36:24 75°F, humid, heavy rain, Overcast
Wind ?
Too Hot to Handle 2006
(Dallas, TX)
15K 10:43/mi 01:39:41 90°F, Humid, Partly Cloudy
Wind ?
Germanfest 15K
(Muenster, TX)
15K 10:03/mi 01:33:28 86°F, humidity ?, Sunny
Wind ? (Noon Start, very hot)
Uptown 8K
(Dallas, TX)
8K 9:20/mi 00:46:23 63°F, Sunny
Wind ?
Cowtown 10K
(Fort Worth, TX)
10K 10:31/mi 01:05:25 32°F, Pouring Rain/thunderstorm at Start, Overcast, Wind ?
Mardi Gras Run (1st race)
(Dallas, TX)
4 mi 10:30/mi 00:42:00 32°F (wind chill 10°F), Sleet, Bitter Cold
Wind ?