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3M Half Marathon 2010
2010 Komen Dallas 5K
  • Type: Race
  • Date: 10/16/10
  • Loc: Dallas, TX
  • Dist: 3.12 mi
  • Time: 00:27:00
  • Avg/Max Pace: 8:39/mi
  • Avg/Max HR: 157/168 bpm
  • Avg/Max Cadence: 89/92 spm
  • Weather: 54°F-58°F, 75%-62% humidity, Wind: 0 mph, Sunny
  • Fuel: EFS Sports Drink before race
  • Route Player
  • Mileage Splits
Mileage Splits
Split Distance Avg Pace Best Pace Avg HR Max HR Elevation
1 1.0 mi 8:51/mi 7:44/mi 151 bpm 165 bpm 29 feet 29 feet 89 spm 91 spm
2 1.0 mi 8:39/mi 7:50/mi 159 bpm 164 bpm 44 feet 27 feet 90 spm 92 spm
3 1.0 mi 8:22/mi 7:37/mi 162 bpm 167 bpm 23 feet 27 feet 90 spm 92 spm
4 0.15 mi 7:23/mi 6:43/mi 167 bpm 168 bpm 0 feet 19 feet 91 spm 92 spm
Summary 3.15 mi 08:34/mi 6:43/mi 157 bpm 168 bpm 95 feet 103 feet 89 spm 92 spm

5K StartThe Komen Dallas 5K Race for the Cure was held today. October 16th is my Mom's birthday and she died from breast cancer on October 16, 2005. So it seemed fitting that I should run a race held on October 16th that promotes finding a cure for breast cancer. The "March of Survivors" made me cry...I am happy for the survivors but sad about losing my Mom to this disease. However, the overall atmosphere at the race was one of hope and positive energy. It was very heartwarming.

My husband can usually find me because I wear a bright lime green shirt when I race. That color isn't all that common. But for the Komen race, I wore pink. Since 20,000 other people had on pink. we thought we might have a hard time locating each other after the race. But we actually found each other after the finish line.

This was my first race since all the stress fractures and skin cancer surgery. I was forced to take a few months off from running and not get my heart rate up. That resulted in a loss of endurance and speed. But I am so thrilled to be back running without pain that even a slow pace is better than no pace at all.

Stage and Cow5K StartI have slowly been building back up my endurance and speed with strides and tempo runs. I had in the back of my mind that I wanted to run less than a 9 minute mile today. I averaged 8:39/mile, so I'm happy with that. My Garmin had my average pace at 8:34/mile for a distance of 3.15 miles. I did not know the course and had not studied it beforehand, so I didn't pay a lot of attention to running the tangents. Consequently, turning the corners wide and manuevering back and forth between other runners added some extra distance/time (even with a timing chip).

The first mile was somewhat crowded, even though I lined up near the start. However, without a warmup, I'm not fast "out of the gate". I'm somewhat like a car with a cold engine. It takes me a while to get going. All my muscle fibers are predominately slow twitch, which makes me more suited towards distance running. However, starting running from scratch again means my longest distance lately has been 5 miles. As long as I can keep my bones from breaking, I should be able to regain some of my former endurance and speed. The last 200 meters I ran at 7:23/mile. I sure wish I could do that for the entire race.

The top female winner is a 2nd year medical student at UT Southwestern and ran the 5K in 16:37 for an average pace of 5:20/mile. What an incredible time!

5K Finish: 6:40 per milers5K Finish: 8:39 per