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RACE REPORT: Heels and hills half marathon 05/06/07
DateRaceDistancePaceTotal TimeWeather
05/06/07 Heels and Hills Half Marathon
(Irving, TX)
Photo Album
13.1 mi 10:05/mi 02:10:53 73°F, 84% humidity, Overcast

This was my second half marathon, and it was really well organized and fun. The course was hilly and the day was windy, warm, and humid. However, it gave me a sense of accomplishment knowing I could do the distance even in warm conditions. I'll do this one again next year!

Prior to the race start, we were all lined up looking fresh, rested, and happy (picture above). After a few hills, we weren't looking or smelling so fresh anymore, but we had a great time! Click here or above for the race photo album.

A lot of the runners from RAW and DRC were there. It was nice to see some familiar faces. Several of them won age group awards. I did better than average, which is a big accomplishment for me (31 out of 106 in my age group and 177 out of 622 overall). I didn't set a PR, but since I have a problem running in heat/humidity, I was happy with my time.

The run itself was great - the volunteers and local law enforcement did a great job. The course was well marked and safe with aid stations with Powerade or water.