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"LIFE ISN't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain." --unknown
3M Half Marathon 2010
  • Type: Race
  • Date: 04/09/11
  • Loc: Abilene, KS
  • Dist: 27 mi (forgot to turn off at end)
  • Time: 04:56:12
  • Avg/Max Pace: 10:58 / 7:40/mi (heat illness)
  • Avg/Max HR: Did not wear monitor
  • Avg/Max Cadence: Did not wear cadence sensor
  • Weather: 65°F-81°F, 84%-62% humidity, Wind: S 16-22 mph, Gusts to 29 mph, clear, hot, sunny, windy (heat illness)
  • Fuel: handheld bottle with EFS
  • Route Player

Wow! This was my slowest marathon time, including my very first marathon. The weather for the Eisenhower Marathon the year before was cool. This year is was extremely hot and windy. With my heat intolerance, I was a little scared that I would have a heat stroke. I normally would not even do a race in these conditions, but I had trained for several months for this goal marathon and requested the time off work.

I decided early on to just try to complete the distance and not worry about time. I overheated by mile 13, had severe stomach cramps, and could not maintain pace. The rest of the race I had to complete by doing a run/walk. There was no shade. Apparently I wasn't the only one having heat trouble:

"The finish line and last mile looked more like a triage area with people collapsing and passing out due to the heat and dehydration. The ambulance went up and down the street staying real busy with marathon customers! I told a race official to call an ambulance for one lady at mile 25.5 because there was no way she could finish (vomiting and couldn't stand on her own two feet). Yikes!" (from Adam and Sarah Monaghan's Blog)

I disliked doing so poorly but at least I can check off another state in my goal for running a half or full marathon in every state. I just can't run in the heat. And I haven't been running well since the pelvic stress fractures and torn tendons in 2009. It's frustrating because no matter how hard I try, different body parts keep having issues: foot pain, hip pain, hip adductor pain, peroneal tendon pain, ankle pain.

There seems to be something wrong with my system. Maybe it's hormones. My energy level is very low and I have to force myself to do my workouts. I love to run, so I'll keep trying....Maybe I can figure out what's wrong.