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3M Half Marathon 2010
WArrior Dash
  • Type: James' (Greg's) Warrior Dash 2010
  • Date: 05/01/10
  • Loc: Forney, TX
  • Dist: 2.65 mi with obstacles (mud crawl fire jumping, 5+ feet deep pond, steep creek beds, rope climbs)
  • Bib: 29563
  • Time/Pace: 00:36:52 / 11:54/mi
  • Warrior Dash Route Player
  • Warrior Dash Video and Photos

Blog Entry

My husband James (aka Greg) competed in the Warrior Dash on Saturday, May 1st 2010. It was a superbly organized event and everyone had a great time.

For friends and family reading this, realize that when I refer to Greg that I'm also referring to James. My husband goes by both his first and middle names (James Gregory). To his family, he's Greg. To his co-workers, he's James. I call him Greg but everyone he works with calls him James. That always generates confusion when I refer to him as Greg around his coworkers.

The course included obstacles like jumping over fire, crawling through mud, scaling a steep creek bed and crossing a pond and climbing over spools, hay bales, and a cargo net.

The course itself was an uneven trail that was still muddy from the previous day's rain. But that made it all the more fun for the runners. They were having a great time!

Several groups and people dressed up for the run. The link above has photos of runners dressed as Smurfs, wrestlers, Batman, Fred Flintstone, and of course, as warriors.

Race entrants received warrior hats, shirts, and medals for their efforts. Beer, turkey legs, soda, and hamburgers were some of the offerings afterwards. They even had veggie burgers!

Spectators were only allowed at certain places along the course. Consequently, I was only able to obtain video at the start, end, mud crawl, and fire jump. However, Brightroom Photography was there and I'm sure those photos will be incredible when they're available. My video wasn't as good as I wanted because the ground was so uneven and muddy. I was trying to follow Greg from the fire jump to the mud crawl while carrying the video camera and trying to not lose my footing. The other spectators were so nice. They made room for me at the front of the spectator area to get his video as he crawled through the mud and jumped over the fire.

Greg had the same issue trying to get photos at the Boston Marathon. The barricades and crowds made it impossible to get race photos anywhere but after the finish line at the end. I was able to take some photos with my cell phone at Athlete's Village in Hopkinton. However, Marathonfoto had photographers along the course and at the end. So we were able to purchase some of those.

The Brightoom photos of the Warrior Dash should be really good. They appeared to have photographers stationed at most of the obstacles. I wish now I had taken the still camera instead of the video camera. The event really lent itself more to still photos than video. If I could have followed Greg along the route, the video camera might have been better. But I'll know next year to bring the digital camera. I was able to extract photos off the video, but they're not as clear and as high resolution as my digital camera.

Greg did great and really enjoyed his turkey leg at the end. He's planning on doing it again next year. And now our dog Hobo has a new hat to add to his hat collection. We're going to take a photo of Hobo with the warrior hat (front and back) and put it on a t-shirt for Greg to wear to next year's Warrior Dash.

This year 18,000 people turned out. What a crowd! And they were a really fun group of people.