Always check with your doctor prior to starting/modifying any exercise/nutrition program. The information presented on this site constitutes my opinions/viewpoints and should not be used as medical, personal, training, or professional advice.
"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it." --Lou Holtz
Monumental Challenge 2007
Races and Events
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  • 03/02/14: Little Rock Half
  • 05/04/14: Ave. of Giants Half (CA)
  • 07/13/14: Missoula Half (MT)
  • 10/19/14: Mt Desert Island Full (ME)
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Always check with your physician before starting or modifying any exercise or nutrition program.

I started running in my early forties shortly after my Mom passed away from breast cancer. I use this site as my training log, training plan, photo album, scrapbook, and information repository. I find it much easier to analyze performance data or locate information if I have it organized on-line by date or category.

Why I Run and Cycle...

3M Half Marathon

3M HALF MARATHON, 01/24/10

The 3M Half Marathon in Austin,TX was a great race. Click above for photos and the full race report. Previous race reports can be viewed by visiting the Races section of my site.

Marathons & Halfs
  • CO (1-26.2)
  • NV (1-26.2)
  • OK (1-26.2)
  • PA (1-26.2)
  • KS (1-26.2)
  • UT (1-26.2)
  • AZ (1-13.1)
  • TN (1-13.1)
  • CA (1-13.1)
  • LA (1-13.1)
  • CO (1-13.1)
  • TX (9-13.1)
  • SD (1-13.1)
  • AR (1-13.1)
  • MA (1-26.2)
  • NM (1-13.1)
  • WY (1-13.1)
  • OR (1-31.1)
  • MS (1-13.1)

More to come....

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